Look what’s Coming to ITP17 and During the ITP100-Day Marathon?

Today we embark on a very special journey as we countdown the remaining 100 days to ITPalooza 2017. (Almost) every day during the ITP100-Day Marathon, we’ll be sharing offers, updates, news, tips and info about the most exciting ITPalooza to date, TP17! So click, tap and share to help spread the word

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To help spread the word about the most exciting ITP to date, we invite you to Click, Tap and Share our ITP100-Day Marathon content with your friends and colleagues around the interweb.

Coupon Codes

During the ITP100-Day Marathon, we’ll be sharing exclusive discount coupon codes for ITP17 tickets and ITPStore gear. Be sure to act fast as these coupons will be limited.

VIP Experience

In response to feedback and suggestions from ITP16, we’ve created a VIP Experience Team who’ll be responsible for making our VIP Ticket holders and VIP guests jump up and down with excitement.

New Venue

2017 will see many changes and improvements to ITPalooza. One of the most notable is our new venue at the Fort Lauderdale-Broward County Convention Center. Stay connected for updates about the facility.

Mega Toy Wall

The Marine Toys for Tots Mega Toy Wall is a focal point of ITPalooza and one which continues to grow and evolve. Look out for exciting news.


Show your support for ITPalooza and the Marine Toys For Tots with a purchase from the ITPStore.

Vendor Exhibit

Along with the exciting new venue comes an incredible, professionally designed and built vendor exhibit. The exhibit is designed to let vendors present their products and solutions in a bright and open environment that never feels cramped. The exhibit will be easy to navigate with plenty of interest for attendees including the Mega Toy Wall and experience sponsors.

Sponsor Spotlight

At ITPalooza we like to ensure our sponsors get all the love they deserve and to show our appreciation, we’ll be running regular sponsor spotlight pieces where you can learn more about the fantastic companies that make ITPalooza possible.

Speaker Profiles and Session Summaries

As always, ITPalooza is bursting at the seams with brilliant local and regional talent eager to share valuable information and case-studies with their colleagues in the ITPalooza community.

Top Secret Coolness

We have a team of undercover agents working to develop Top Secret activities for ITP17. As soon as we know, you’ll know – security be damned!

Wall of Fame

Welcome to the Wall of Fame! Are you interested in having your company logo on the Wall of Fame where it will be photographed and shared thousands of times?

Keynote updates

This year we’re shuffling the keynote presentation to better accommodate our attendees and the format of the day. We’ll be holding a morning Keynote kicking off at 9:00 AM and an afternoon keynote starting at 1:00 PM

CIO Track

The CIO Track’s back! For ITP17 we’ll be mixing aspects of the CIO Track with the VIP Experience. We’ll be releasing information about speakers, sessions, and sponsors as it becomes available.

ITPalooza History

ITPalooza started in 2012 and now, for the first time, we’ve made a start at archiving some of the material. To begin with, we’ve added a few basic facts about each successive ITPalooza and also a link to that year’s program guide (where most of the info for the event can be found). Be sure to check back from time-to-time as we update the archive.

Social Media

We are expanding our social media marketing campaign and we will be reaching out to our ITP community to help spread the word, so kindly Click, Tap and Share our content.


Our FAQ is an ongoing process and we need your help to improve it. Look out for new FAQ postings as we add them to the site.


We’ll be setting up an Instagram account and we can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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